1 in 4 studentswill be bullied
1 in 10 students will be sexually assualted
1 in 5 students will commit self harm
1 in 12 will consider ending their own life

Their story. Your story. Our story.

abrasiveMedia’s Project Awake is a touring theatrical production created to tackle these difficult issues in Tennessee high schools; helping students unite to make positive choices that empower their lives. We need your help to make this happen. With just a fraction of a typical Broadway production budget, we’re able to create a life impacting show unlike anything audiences have seen before. By becoming a Founder or Season One Sponsor you’ll be directly responsible for this program’s success… and you’ll get some pretty awesome perks for it!

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$5,000 Founder Donation

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  • VIP tickets to the preview show of the inaugural touring

$10,000 Founder Donation

  • Branding opportunities on print and digital media content during inaugural touring season
  • Project Awake SWAG!
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School bullies don't just steal lunch money - they take joy, confidence, peace, and a sense of belonging that all students deserve. Project Awake faces this problem head on, showing students how they can go from being bystanders to active opponents of bullying.

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WDS Foundation
Lydia Horton
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Project Awake is a program of abrasiveMedia, a non-profit organization that helps artists grow, connect, produce, and give back to the community.
We’re able to make a difference in the lives of young people because of the generous support of people like you!