Prevent bullying, violence, and sexual assault in high schools.

What is Project Awake?

It's not your typical awareness program. Our touring theatrical production, performed live in schools, blends performing arts with unique storytelling to depict the lives of students. By highlighting their commonalities and showing the effects their choices can have on one another we help students realize their similarities, gain respect for their differences, and unite to make their schools a better and safer place for all.

It’s more than just theater. We also partner with local organizations that support young people and provide opportunities for them to serve in their community. Our program inspires audiences to take action and connects them to the resources that can help them make it happen.


Production Team

Audra Almond-Harvey

Executive Director
Audra Almond-Harvey: Executive Director of abrasiveMedia

Justin Harvey

Justin Harvey: Director of Project Awake

Ashlyn Cianciolo

Assistant Director
Ashlyn Cianciolo

Jon Royal

Board Chair
Jon Royal: Board Chair of abrasiveMedia

Project Awake Cast

Ashlyn Cianciolo

Delaine Dobbs

Justin Harvey

Molly Haslag

Cameron Mitchell

Layne Porter

Matthew Robinson

Kap Sum

Alumni Cast

Irvin "Spi-D" Cannon

Luna Devika

Kate Fleming

Christen Heilman

Jessica Pruitt