Project Awake is a program of abrasiveMedia, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps artists grow, connect, produce, and give back to the community. For more information about abrasiveMedia and our ongoing endeavors to make the world a little more awesome, check us out at

Are you awake?

Project Awake begins as a live theatrical production that’s performed in schools. Through dynamic storytelling and mind-bending performing arts (martial arts, gymnastics, dance, aerial, acting, music), our production uniquely depicts the everyday lives of students. By highlighting their common challenges and showing the effects their choices have on one another, our program creates an opportunity for students to realize their similarities, gain respect for their differences, and unite to make their schools a better and safer place for all.

Project Awake doesn’t just create dialogue between students & inspire bystanders to become superheroes, we also partners with other organizations that exist to support and facilitate young people. After providing a positive experience through outstanding theater, we’re able to use our credibility with the audience to introduce organizations and resources that exist to support them.


Creative Team

Justin Harvey

Program Director

Justin Harvey

Audra Almond-Harvey

Executive Producer

Audra Almond-Harvey

Jon Royal

Creative Overview

Jon Royal


Ashlyn Cianciolo

Cameron “CamSpeaks” Mitchell

Delaine Dobbs

Irvin “Spi-D Rok” Cannon

Jessica Pruitt

Justin Harvey

Kap Sum

Luna Devika

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